QuickStart Guide

Starting GradeCam

Both PC and Mac users: GradeCam is an online program therefore does not need to be installed on your computer. You will be required to install the GradeCam Plugin the first time you go to scan when logged on. If you are an Internet Explorer user make sure to select the yellow bar on top of the program to give your computer permission to install the program.

Camera Setup

To see if your camera is connected, click on “Scan an Exam” and you should see a live video displayed in the upper-left hand section of the GradeCam window.

If the camera image is not displayed or upside down: Click on “Settings” in the green section bar in the upper right hand side of the screen. If the camera image is upside down, unclick “Flip Image”. If your camera is not recognized (and it is connected to your computer), locate your camera from the drop-down list next to “selected camera”. Click “Save”. If you would like additional information on the cameras that are compatible with GradeCam, please email support@gradecam.com.

GradeCam Tutorial

For your convenience, following is a tutorial to quickly show you how to grade tests. In order to make learning the basics of this easy-to-use program even easier, GradeCam has a sample class created as a .csv file you can save and import. Use this class in conjunction with the printable example exams (links below).

Demonstration Student File to Import

Demonstration Exams to Print

Tutorial: Using GradeCam to test students

Step 1 — From the home screen, click “Scan an Exam”. This will take you to the Scan Answer Key page.

Step 2 — Enter 16 in the “Number of Questions” box. Entering an “Exam Name” and “Description” are optional.

Step 3 — Place the answer key under the camera

When scanning GradeCam forms, the camera needs to see the entire rectangle surrounding the bubbles. Make sure your thumb is outside of the rectangle.

Step 4 — In the upper right hand side of the screen, click the orange “Scan Exams” button.

Step 5 — In the “Current Class” box, choose the class name you choose for the demo class.

Step 6 — Place student tests in the camera view. As you place each test under the camera, the student’s name and the number of questions answered correctly will appear above the answer section in the upper-right of the Scan window.

Scanning Tests in Student View

The Student View button (located in the upper right hand side of the screen) takes you to a window that provides a friendly interface for student scanning. To keep results private, students press the space bar to clear their results. To return to teacher view, press escape.